Siddharth Dayalwal
Siddharth Dayalwal

Siddharth Dayalwal

My Hackathon Journey

  • I still remember when I heard the word hackathon for the very first time. I was a bit ambiguous about the term, as the word hack comes into the picture. I was very much curious to know more about hackathons and the hacker community. As a 1st year student I wanted to explore more and grab opportunities via the medium of learning.

  • So I decided to attend my very first hackathon which was way back in February 2019, and my team ended up with winning that hackathon. That moment of winning and the overall hackathon culture was altogether something epic, which I never experienced before. Just by participating in a single event or a hackathon, I was so overwhelmed with all the experiences in just 2 days.

  • What then? I NEVER LOOKED BACK and attended all the hackathons in my reach. And this is how I joined the hacker community which was one of the best decisions I took in my early college days!

  • Talking more about my Hackathon Journey, I have been part of and contributed in 60+ Hackathons so far with different roles, find all of them as below.

🚀 As Organizer

🗣️ As Speaker

🤓 As Mentor

👨🏻‍💻 As Hacker

Still Counting......