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Siddharth Dayalwal

Become the next generation of GitHub Campus Expert 🚩

Become the next generation of GitHub Campus Expert 🚩

Siddharth Dayalwal

Published on Aug 10, 2021

3 min read

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The GitHub Campus Experts Program supports students to better serve their local technical communities. Campus Experts help close the gap between industry and academia, create new opportunities for their peers, and position their institution within a global community of student leaders.

Campus Experts are student leaders that strive to build diverse and inclusive spaces to learn skills, share their experiences, and build projects together. They can be found across the globe leading in-person and online conferences, meetups, and hackathons, and maintaining open source projects.

GitHub Campus Experts Program celebrates 5 years in 2021 πŸŽ‰

Enrich your college technical community πŸš€

Are you a student who wants to grow an existing community on campus or looking to start a new one? This program is the perfect opportunity for you. Being a part of this program will allow you to extend a hand full of opportunities with your peers and community members.

You’ll have access to training, resources, and support to excel in the activities you organize on your campus. You’ll also get opportunities to attend GitHub’s first-party events and join a global community of student leaders.

What makes you stand unique? πŸ’­

Every time application opens, GitHub receives tons of entries from many students applying for this program, with this scenario in consideration, you surely need to have a great application for getting through all the steps. Mentioned below are few points which you can consider while submitting your application.

🌟 Getting to know you better!

With this application, GitHub would want you to tell them more about yourself.

  • Your motivation to apply for the program.
  • Your contributions to the community.
  • Your character & identity as an individual.

🎯 Understanding your community!

This program not just empowers you but also your community. Share more about it.

  • Community's goals.
  • Community's history/story.
  • Community's shared struggles.

πŸ€“ Some personal recommendations!

  • Get the student developer pack now and apply as early as possible.
  • Be honest with your application. DO NOT COPY or ASK others' responses and submit your application, this will make you lose your originality.
  • Know a little knowledge about Git & GitHub.
  • If your country does not have a Campus Expert, then you should definitely apply as GitHub would love to have you get involved.
  • If you are rejected, don't worry, apply again in the next cohort.

πŸ’₯ Busting the Myths!

  • Technical expertise is not compulsory.
  • Students from all fields of study are welcome.
  • It's not necessary for you to lead a community already.
  • Open Source contributions are not mandatory.

Your path to becoming a GitHub Campus Expert 🚩

  1. Get GitHub Student Developer Pack.
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. Submit a 5-minute video resume.
  4. Welcome to the program!
  5. Complete the training.

More details about the process are on the website.

Let's understand the eligibility criteria☝️

Thanks for reading the blog. Good Luck with your application!


Watch the AMA live stream I did with Juan Pa, Program Manager - GitHub, for more insights! Also, do not forget to subscribe to my channel.

In-person memories with the community! πŸ’–


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